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Choosing a Therapist/ Clinician
There are several things to consider when choosing a therapist for yourself or a child, family member. One practical consideration is whether or not the therapist is a provider on your insurance panel. Our front office staff is available to check on this information for you. Some may elect to not use their insurance coverage and a discounted hourly fee is available to those who self pay. In choosing a specific therapist, a trusted friend, relative, doctor or colleague may have a recommendation of someone whose services they are familiar with. Also when you contact BHS we will work to determine which therapistís expertise is most appropriate for addressing your issues and concerns. The most important consideration is your level of comfort and trust in the therapist you have chosen to see. Some questions to ask yourself following the initial session are:
  • Is this someone you can trust?
  • Do you feel like you want to work with this person?
  • Do you feel like you can share your most valuable and important concerns?
  • Did you feel like you made a connection with this person?
  • Did you feel like the therapist understood you issues and concerns?
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