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The health and well-being of our patients and their families as well as our care providers is our highest priority.

To this end, we continue to remain OPEN and to provide care and counsel. We also perform telephone and video sessions as needed or desired - see below. Our office phones are answered and checked regularly. Please contact us in the manner most comfortable for you.

During this period of covid-19, for your continued safety, security and well-being our offices are being cleaned and sanitized on a continuing basis.
For patient convenience and safety we provide the opportunity for secure teletherapy, using doxy-me, Facetime or phone.

We can also provide video conferencing and just need a patient's email address to provide this service. Please contact us to schedule your teletherapy session.

Behavioral Health Specialists is a group of licensed and and experienced clinicians, all of whom are fully licensed in their respective fields. Staffed by well-qualified Psychologists and Social Workers, Behavioral Health Specialists work in an environment of ultimate patient care, concern and healing.

Behavioral Health services help individuals, couples, children and families address and manage their personal challenges, big or small, with a focus on healthy, productive solutions. Experienced behavioral health specialists deal with many factors that impact mental and emotional health and quality of life, and make every attempt to work with the family, primary care doctor, employer, school and other significant supports.

Perhaps the most important part of caring for one's mental and emotional well-being is knowing when and where to seek help.

Many people assume they can handle their day-to-day problems without spending much time dealing with their feelings, let alone reaching out to someone else for emotional support. But sometimes life throws a curve ball—a severe illness, a painful divorce or a sudden emotional crisis, for example—that depletes one's inner resources and leaves a person feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

If your concerns or problems require attention not available in our office, we will be happy to recommend other clinicians of appropriate expertise.

When you don't know where to turn, turn to us . . .
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