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Individual, family, relationship, and play therapy services are all available at BHS. Our clinicians have training in a variety of evidenced based techniques and specialties including EMDR, exposure techniques, trauma sensitive yoga, and addiction and recovery. As a trauma informed staff, providers treat a wide variety of presenting concerns such as anxiety, depression, phobias/OCD, trauma/PTSD, substance use, grief and loss, and LGBTQIA+ concerns. Additionally, our clinicians also help individuals through real life challenges like transitions, exploration of identity, or helping those who are wanting to life fuller and more authentic lives.

Psychological Assessment 

Psychological testing may stand alone or be a starting point for one’s self-discovery or may be helpful in some situations to guide on-going therapy treatment. At BHS, psychologists with specific additional training in psychological assessment provide a variety of testing batteries ranging from broad spectrum psychodiagnostic evaluations to specifically focused testing for concerns like ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as mood and personality testing.  

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